Sunday, 31 May 2009

Guitar Picks in 3-D!


Retro! Old school 'Waxy' Packet.

'Double ended diamonds'

Don't you just hate it when your guitar pick breaks!? Then you try and use another corner but it doesn't quite work. Well not with these, you can play with either end.


Caleb said...

Those are cool, I would buy some. I like the fish man.

Carmen said...

These are a great idea! You can never have too many picks. They're like pens, always disappearing. I like the packaging too - very nostalgic - all the stuff you collect as a kid comes packaged like that.
So what are the picks made out of, and how do you produce them?

Hryma said...

Thanks Caleb.

Yep, I thought to Carmen. It combines the things I like most, guitaring and sculpting! Wish I
thought of it earlier.

They'll be either nylon or polyurethane.

BALL said...

i would prefer a guitar pick/dice combo. this way when im done playin my guitar i could roll the dice.i believe these dice should be shaped like a box surrounding a regular guitar pick and specially weited to give equal probability of each side given its unusual shape for a dice

James said...

now, when can I get them?

Hryma said...

Interesting BALL. Dice are cool, but that means more ($) packaging.

James, thanks man. I was hoping for more thumbs up. Time will tell, because I don't even know,haha...?